Why Your Clients Are Not Buying ?

What is the Reason ?

Apart from a Million other things that could go wrong in Sales, today i’ll share with you one of the Most Important if not the Most Important reason why you’re hearing a ‘Big Old No’ 8 out of 10 times you’re trying to make a sale.

If we Boil down your entire sales process to understand the Psychology behind the decision making process instead of just a random change in terms of sales methods, the answer becomes pretty obvious.

Real Effort V/S Perceived Effort

You see, Brain pain is the discomfort, anxiety and, decision fatigue your clients go through when making a big decision.

The Biggest side effect; A stalled or a lost sale.

So how do you reduce a client’s perceived effort of how hard the decision or its Implementation process will be ?

The story clients often tell themselves “It’s going to be too much work, we‘re going to have to deal with so many problems along the way. It’s probably not worth it”. The reason they put it off is that the Perceived Effort to complete that is too Big – Not the Actual Effort that was required.

Pain of change (should be) < Pain of status quo (Remaining the same).


You have to understand it has nothing to do with your features, benefits, gains or advantage.

Underlying Concerns Can Be Like

  • Will the Switching over be Costly ?
  • How do you Transfer the existing data ?
  • How will this Impact the Productivity ?
  • How will this Impact the Delivery system ?
  • How will this Affect the Standard Operating Procedures.
  • How long will it take to Re-Train New users.
  • What if it causes other Compatible issues ?

How To Do It ? Let’s Roleplay

To Effectively Reduce this Perceived effort, here are 3 steps I want you to follow :

  • Acknowledge that change is hard and the switch over might take some effort.
  • The Plan. This is “What”, “How” and “When” we’re gonna do it talk.
  • Give them a Guarantee – Whether it is for a same day Service or money back. Something that lets them know you’re willing to stand by your product with them.

Whenever you have to convince someone to switch over it’s never the Real effort. It’s always the Perceived effort. Remember that fellas. I’m out.

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