Jeffrey Gitomer ‘Don’t ask for a referral, earn a referral’.

The No.1 reason why you may not be getting any referral is that you’re asking it to somebody without delivering enough value to them. Why in the ‘Havana oh na na’ would they refer you to their good friend Mr. Tony Montana and risk severing his relationship. I mean we all know Tony is not the guy to be fucked with, right? That white coco be running deep, So deep it will put your ass to sleep.

So there you have it. Should i end the blog now? What else do you wanna know? My birthday?

Referrals are a word of mouth, It’s all-natural. People advertise you for free, but only if they trust you, they realize that this guy/girl knows their shit, They’re not gonna lose my money and they’re gonna pull me out of this shit hole I’m in right now

Without establishing that first, you may sometime win the sale if you’re a smooth talker (Not the best approach in sales) but you’ll never get a referral. This isn’t speed dating where you can just smooth talk a woman and their panties are gonna pop off. This isn’t a one night stand.

We’re looking for a long term relationship. One which requires Effort, Genuinity and Trust.

Keep this is mind the next time you go to ask… (Correction) EARN a referral.

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