Woah! This got dark. How do you take this dow.. ? Larr…..Larrrrrryyyyyyy.

Using humor is sales? I’ve gone completely retarded or maybe there is an untouched possibility in this area? I don’t know what to say because I used to be an average Joe when I first began my ‘Professional’ Linkedin journey.

  • Being Formal.
  • Sticking to the point.
  • Not talking too much.
  • Risk aversive and comfortable.

Some of my very first messages that I could remember were me sending 4-5 paragraphs easy (And I’m being generous here). Sometimes that shit used to cover 1-2 pages. Needless to say, I didn’t get any response. Can you guess my conversions at the time? < 5%

I wised up !

After 2 months of getting rejected by people left and right I started re-evaluating my situation. I came up with a weapon that was about the change in the whole world. And that was “Glad to be connected”. It’s not even the funny part. The funny part was at the time I thought I found my final infinity stone.

I’ma G but i still got hyped up.

So I gave this a try because why not. But it was like the first season of Money Heist or maybe the entire series. The main problem with this entire approach was that I was trying to be somebody else.

Now I know this may sound corny but just hear me out real quick. Aight’? This is not who I am in real life. Don’t know about you guys but I love stars, aliens, zombies.

Hold up! And even Satan. So I asked myself, “Was my personality ever reflected in any message I ever typed?” The answer was an obvious No.

I said fuck it! From now on I’m a be me. And let’s try this as an experiment G. If this doesn’t work out then we’ll pivot but first, I gotta try this out, So I did. My first message on Linkedin changed from “Glad to be connected” to “Hope you’re not a zombie. What prompted you to connect with me?

2 things happened here :

  • It ended with a question. But to be honest that was just 10%. Because today people are a lot more aware. They are watching the same Youtube video on “How to send your First Linkedin message” as you are. So they are ending their statements with questions too. You need something more to compete with that. Something that Youtube videos don’t talk about. And that brings me to Point 2.
  • It made me stand out from the crowd. How a simple line can do that for you. And this is not a thing someone on the internet can teach you unless they are Professor X from X-men. You have to discover your own element. Like mine was humor. Talking about aliens and demons and shit. And it seems really natural. Do you know why? Because it is. This is who I am in real life.

I’m not pretending to be someone else. Double down on your strengths. Fuck your weaknesses! My entire brand identity is based around me being me. And the exact should go for you as well.

Selling ain’t about point-blank buy or I’m going to kill you. Selling is about building long term relationships. And I know you’ve heard a bunch of online sales gurus preach you the same but trust me once you’re in that situation this shit hits different.

Someone that you’ll probably never ever meet checks up on you with no agenda in their heads. They’re not trying to sell you anything. They just want to make sure you’re okay. That shit is amazing. I’m telling ya. But you gotta be in that space to experience that my guy.

Stop thinking about sales as a profession. And start thinking about it as a lifestyle. That consists of people, and people have emotions. They’re humans. They’re not fuckin’ T-800 from Terminator. Show them the love they deserve. The love we all deserve.

Signing out.

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