Here Goes Nothing

What My LinkedIn Family has to say about me 🙂

"Shuja is a keen and enthusiastic person. If you need a completely insane but effective approach to get things done, he is the man. His creative and unique approach is full of wit, wisdom and wonder. No matter how unconventional his thoughts are, he has a potential that can scale the biggest hurdles"
"This man is crazy. Crazy Awesome! I don't really know Shuja The Copywriter, but I do know Shuja The Person. And damn, you gotta know this man. And you need such a friend in your life.

He is mad, and would make you go bonkers too. But in a good way. And he loves zombies (and all extraterrestrial beings!) Humans are never enough for him. And that's the best part. You know why? Because this man bring that freshness and a different perspective to everything. He definitely talks about zombies (the half dead), but fills you up with life. More power to you, bro! Keep going 😎"
"Shuja you are a very motivating and kind person. You use your brain to create such sentences which are hard to understand at once,but after repeated reading, one understands what this guy's exactly wants to say.

You always have a deep meaning in whatever you say. You just dont say it,you mean what you say.

Kindness coupled with humor is something which makes you stand out from the crowd. All the best buddy. One day If you wish you can become a guitarist and a comedian and obviously a professional.You would do great."
"Shuja is a pretty quirky fellow. He has an energetic, stand out-ish presence that really makes him fun to talk to. He's quite knowledgeable about sales and a really sincere and helpful guy.

Fun fact: When I first starting talking to Shuja, I had to avoid personal pronouns (him, his, etc) cause I had no clue whether Shuja was a guy or gal. The name's gender neutral and the profile pic ambiguous. If you've had the same experience, know that you're not alone :-)"
Aayush Priyank
Market Researcher | Psychologist | Life coach
"Shuja is the living, breathing encyclopedia of zombies. And also Linkedin's very own Marketing king. If you've got stuff to sell but have no clue how...then look no further! He can help you sell anything. From conglomerates to used cartons... Except organs... I don't think he helps you sell organs"


"Shuja is one of the many interesting folks I’ve met through LinkedIn. From our conversations, although limited to this platform, it’s evident that communication is his strong suite. He has a vast knowledge base, and is very spontaneous. He is empathetic, and humble. All in all, makes for a good human being and friend :)"
"Shuja is a complete mood, and I mean it in all the right ways! His inimitable personality shines right through from the very first conversation, and he is the man who'll save you when the aliens descend on Earth. When he says he can sell his soul to the devil, you better believe him, because he will".
"Shuja, i still remember the first time we spoke. I really liked your approach, your wittiness and your sales skills. Wish you all the very best buddy. Cheers".
Devesh Rakhecha
Founder & CEO Yearbook Canvas | Co-founder Marwari Catalyst Ventures | C.A.

You'll Never read this. Hehehahah

"He is a friend and a very humble guy, a bit emotional as well. He possesses a very unique style of storytelling which keeps you involved and forces you to think about it. A very inspiring person, already a published author, content creator and God knows what. Very glad to be connected with him".
Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow (Translation) - Shuja is a Badass G. He and i go way back when we used to shoot craps together. He transitioned into sales and i into LSD. Not complaining. I'm happy for him.