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Look, to be honest, there are a lot of ways you can go about selling somebody a pen. And the word ‘Pen’ here is just a symbolic representation of anything you can imagine. But ever since ‘Sell me this pen’ was used in the movie ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ it became all the way more famous.

This blog is going to talk about 4 different variations of ‘Sell me this pen’. You won’t be required to look at another video or read another blog after this one if you read till the end.

An important thing to keep in mind 🙄 This key fundamental concept can be applied to almost anything. So let’s begin.

Case -1

Selling an Expensive pen

Delta Rediscover Pompei Fountain pen
79,000 INR

You: You seem like a busy man Mr. Propsect.

Prospect: I do.

You: It looks like you must be going to a lot of business meetings and conferences every day, correct me if I’m wrong but is that so?

Prospect: Yes. It can be like that sometimes.

You: Apart from going to other companies and meeting with the higher-ups, do you also have meetings in your own company?

Prospect: Of course. I have a meeting with my department heads every week. They brief me on the ongoing projects and we also have a brainstorming session from time to time.

You: That’s Awesome! Now just imagine you’re about to start a meeting with your department heads. There is an important document that needs to be signed. Everybody keeps listening to what you have to say. They’re all looking at you. And you take out a 10 INR Reynolds pen. Let that sink in for a second.

What ‘First’ impression’ do you think it’s going to create on your team when a person 3 tier below you is carrying a Monte Carlo and you are gripping a Reynolds. Despite having a big company all of your employees are going to form this weird mental image in their heads that this guy is a ‘Miser’.

And if you are perceived as a Miser, timely payment of salaries could be an issue in this company. And now they’re thinking about switching their jobs. This may not happen in an instant. But the seed has been planted. All because of a stupid pen. Would you be okay if that happens with you?

Case -2

Selling A Cheaper Pen

You: So, Mr. Prospect now you have an expensive pen, right?

Prospect: I do

You: What would happen if you somehow lost it?

Prospect: I’d probably have a heart attack.

You: If you lost that pen how will you sign the documents and papers you were supposed to. Well! To be fair you have an option. You can always ask for somebody else’s pen. But since we’re talking about asking let me ask you this.

What impression is that 3-second event going to create on your staff?

How can a man manage an entire company when he couldn’t even manage a pen. So what should we do about it?

Case -3

I Have an Alternative Pen

I have an Expensive alternate pen. So that even if I lose the first one I’ll have this as a replacement and wouldn’t have to borrow it from anyone.

Fair enough!

You: Mr. Prospect do you have kids?

Prospect: Yes.

You: How old are they?

Prospect: I have a 7-year-old daughter?

You: That’s so cute! Now, what’s gonna happen if your daughter somehow grabs hold of this 79,000 INR pen that you have and since kids don’t know the concept of money as well as adults, rips it apart piece by piece. What’s gonna happen next?

Prospect: I don’t know. Maybe I’ll die.

You: Since kids cannot differentiate between an expensive and a cheap pen, wouldn’t it make more sense to just give them this 15 INR Reynolds Trimax. They can do whatever they want with it. Take the refill out. Play with the nib or even Break it in 2.

And the best part – You wouldn’t even die of a heart attack. So what’s it gonna be? 15 Rs. or your life?

Case -4

Using Stories

This has to be my personal favorite.

‘Mr. Prospect, did you know this was the same pen, the same design Pres. John F. Kennedy had in his pocket at the time he got shot’.

You’re gonna relieve a part of history every time you’ll hold this pen.

See, Anybody can sell a product if it’s a part of history or was used by a very famous celeb. It’s a No Brainer. You don’t even have to sell it. They’ll buy it because it is such a great item.

But what if what you sell isn’t that great? Or a pen that wasn’t used by JFK. What if it’s a normal pen made by a guy named Aaron who work normal shifts in a normal factory. Sales tips 101. 

Facts tell stories sell.

Watch my video i made on this topic here :

Use this method for your marketing and even branding if you’re new to the game. I’m Shuja. Signing out.

Always reminding you Selling ain’t hard when you know how.

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