This won’t be easy. You’ll probably piss your pants. But 1 thing I can guarantee is that it will get you results.

You’ve ever messed up on a call? Like you froze up or blanked out? Your anxiety started playing the theme song from Peaky Blinders and words became your kryptonite.

We’ve all been there. We had a script prepared, a direction to take the conversation in, but as soon as someone picked up the phone it was a black hole for us. That sale usually doesn’t get made unless they fall in love with your silence. Lots of Indian men today are looking for brides like those but that’s another blog.

So they hang up. Now here’s the part that’ll make you recite your prayers even though you’re an atheist. Instead of crossing that person off the list, call him again. This would probably be the hardest thing you’ve ever done.

Call them back and tell them what happened? You froze up, you blanked out, or whatever. But keep it a 100% genuine and then very humbly ask for a 2nd meeting to start things off fresh

If they say No! then move on, but chances are they’ll give you another shot, because no one else had the balls to do what you just did. Give this a shot and remember if you’re able to do this you’ll never be scared to cold call again in your life.

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