The best thing about a concept is you can twist the shit outta it, add your own flavour, and make it yours. Scripts are good If you’re starting up… but in the long run, it’s the concepts that you should rely more on. At least that’s what I think. Use these concepts for work, luring a zombie to step Onna landmine or even while asking a girl out

📍Lady: I’m not interested.
You: Seems like I’ve butchered this (pause)
(Chris Voss – Labelling concept)

📍You: This may sound weird and I’m not even sure how you’ll react… But would it be a bad idea for me to take you out to KFC sometimes? (Chris Voss – Assessment audit + Labelling the negatives + Going for a No)

📍You: (Talking to a zombie) Damn bro! U look like Undertaker’s side piece.
Zombie: Dafuq did you say? (Steps on a landmine and dies)

(Religious provocation – Ed & Lorraine Warren: Conjuring 2)

📍*Shawty being disgruntled cuz she had a bad day at work*.
You: Tell me about it. What did you do? What happened after that? Seems like this is really important.

(Active listening + Asking open ended questions)

Concepts over scripts. But then again it’s just me. Concepts can last a lifetime if you know how to apply them properly. You don’t have to revise them every day like your scripts. They’re easier to remember and you can use them to create your own script.

*Cover photo credits: Markus Winkler*

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