Problem With LinkedIn Success Stories

I won’t beat around the bush trying to be nice, so let’s just jump right in. The topic for today is ‘The truth behind these success stories’. The reason i included ‘LinkedIn‘ is because that’s the professional platform i spend most of my time on so i’d be speaking in terms of the things i saw over there. But this ‘Success story’ thing is pretty common on all platforms regardless.

Somebody shares a success story on how they helped 100 clients in the past 3 months. And they didn’t mean to show off or boast about themselves. I get that. It’s a pretty common thing we all have done. Reason being – We want to add some social proof to our portfolio. Ain’t nothing wrong with that, right ?

But it is. We may not realize but an indirect result of this would be the comment section of that post. Hit that and you’ll see 2 types of people.

  • Those who get Inspired by such posts, and
  • Those who get depressed.

Now if you give a long hard look on some of these comments, you’d soon realize sort of an involuntary pressure upon the people who are feeling low, to feel more like the ones getting Inspired. And they’re constantly being asked by the audience why can’t they just be inspired like the rest ? Why do they have to feel low ?

They lose to peer pressure and have no other option but to agree. But why do we forget that everyone is different. Everyone has a different personality. Everyone reacts different to different stimuli. Everyone has the right to have an opinion. And everyone has the right to be themselves.

I could offer you the best stake in the world. $10,000. Cooked by Gordon Ramsey himself. The most delicious in town that has people lined up in a queue outside a restaurant waiting for hours and hours. And here i am with a plate of that stake, fresh cooked, medium rare, garnished with some tomatoes and lentils on the side. And i’m offering it to you for free.

But here’s the catch ?

You’re a vegetarian. Would you still have it ???

Probably No !

That’s how a person feeling low actually feels when everybody pressures him to feel motivated instead. But you never thought of that, did you ? You formed an opinion about this guy/girl without even stepping into their shoes fist. And that’s the world we live in ladies and gentlemen.

I think it is our responsibility that whenever we see someone distressed in some random comment of some random post, even though we don’t know a whole lot about it, we should first try to understand where he’s coming from and not just impose our opinion on top of him. All it takes is 2 minutes. Just like the time it took for you to read this blog.

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