We all hate spam calls. There’s always a person on the other end trying to sell us something. They’re salesly, manipulative and pushy. But at the same time there are a few that do their research, talk logic and listens to the concerns we might have.

But in order to differentiate these few good ones from the majority, we need to pick up the phone and receive that call instead of disconnecting whenever we see the word ‘SPAM’. There’s a lot we can learn from a spam call.

  • How do they open up?
  • What is their 1st question?
  • Do they go straight into a pitch?
  • How do they make us feel?
  • What caused them to be marked as spam?
  • What would we have done if we were in their shoes?

And the best part – It’s FREE. This can be our roleplay practice for the day. Throw objections at them – ‘I’m not interested’ and ‘Let me think about it’ and see how they respond. Maybe you can learn something from their script.

Be respectful and be open to learn more. There’s learning everywhere. Even on a spam call.

(Cover photo credit – Icons8 team)

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