This was a video i recently uploaded on Linkedin and it got tremendous engagement. Simple reason – Because it was something different.

I’ve been promoting my sales workshop for the past week by posting content on Linkedin everyday but none of it even came close to this video. So i started thinking

Why aren’t we leveraging videos in our outreach. We focus so much on what to say on the call or email but completely ignore this gem we always had at our disposal.

  • Email=Words
  • Call=Words+Tonality
  • Video=Words+Tonality+Emotions+Visuals

You be the judge who’s gonna win. I can play beginner guitar so i use that in the video. Maybe you can sing so you can use that. Maybe you can act out a skit.

Or if you’re too afraid to face the camera you can do a voice over let’s say a youtube video of fishes. Where 1 fish can be the CEO, 1 fish can be your competition and 1 can be the decision maker.

Video gives you the opportunity to showcase your real personality email & calls doesn’t allow you to. So use that.

Here’ the video i made

Photo credits – You X ventures

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