Gatekeepers – The Modern Day Horror

Who Are Gatekeepers ?

Before I got into sales, I didn’t know who gatekeepers were. So, for all those who’re with me – Gatekeepers are simply those people whose only job is to keep you as far away from the decision makers as humanly possible. Think of Corona Virus. Yes! You are that for them.

They only exist in the B2B world where there are various levels you need to get past before talking to the right person.

And because a lot of startups & SMBs are focusing on B2B I think it is of empirical importance to see how can we get our foot in the door without being too Pushy.

Because needless to say approaching a conversation the same way as in B2C is not going to work in B2B.

Let’s Role play this

I’ll give you a practical example to show you a better idea of what to say when you’re in a conversation with a gatekeeper.

Tring Tring Tring Tring

You : Hi! Good morning Mr. Gatekeeper. This is Shuja Hasan with Empirical Consultancy. How’re you doing?

Gatekeeper : I’m well.

You : Is Mr. X in the office already.

Gatekeeper : Yes! He is.

You : Please pass me onto him and tell him it’s Shuja Hasan from Empirical Consultancy. Thank you.

Gatekeeper : I cannot pass you onto Mr. X. He’s busy.

You : I thought so. When do you think Mr. X will have 2 mins. To discuss XYZ.

Gatekeeper : What is this regarding?

You : It’s about his sales team. In particular their performance over the last quarter. I’ve got a quick strategic insight to share with him when you put me through. Thanks.

Notes – Be assertive when you speak. Like a team member and not a cold caller. Focus on your tonality. Everything you Say should sound like a bomb ass “Statement” and not a “Question”.

The Gatekeeper is waiting for you to put your own foot in your mouth. That means talking unnecessarily without a direction. Saying dumb stuff and giving him/her enough reason to flush you down the toilet like a fat guy just took a shit. It takes 2-3 flushes but you ain’t coming back from that place.

So, Stop putting your own foot in your mouth.

Talk only what’s required and don’t get carried away. You can always lighten up the mood mixing some humor into the air but you have to be careful if this person would get it or not. The best way to clarify that is to do just a tad bit of research before calling or emailing them to look at the things he/she usually share and post.

I gave you a framework, Now I want you to improvise with the idea you have now. Experiment and Adapt.

I’ll see you soon.


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