What the hell! But weren’t you told the exact opposite of this when you were starting off in sales? To ‘Educate your clients’. Tell them what they do not know. Help them out… So what happened?

What happened was that you forgot the definition of ‘Educating people’.

A guy comes up to me and says ‘Shuja, I’m trying to save your company, this is what you should do’.

Excuse me? Who are you again? To the guy this may sound ‘Educational’ but not for me. I think he sounds condescending and arrogant. Wouldn’t you feel the same?

There’s a thin line between being an ‘Industry expert’ which we’re all trying to be and just being a jerk. Experts aren’t insecure to the extent that they just wanna talk all the time. That doesn’t make you an expert. That makes you an egocentric maniac.

I understand that a lot of times prospects aren’t aware of the real challenge they’re facing and it’s implications.

For example. They come to you for a website and they’re willing to pay you a lot of money but after frontal analysis and discovery session, you find out they don’t really need a website. Instead, they should work on a good sales strategy. And this is how we can do it.

I didn’t ‘Educate’ them. I Guided them. And I also saved them a bunch of money. I walked them through my process. X isn’t the issue… Y is and this is how we can solve it. Also, I only did it when I saw a need to.

So be respectful and be genuine the next time you try to educate your prospect. Don’t just speak to dominate the conversation.


  • Don’t educate… but Guide
  • Don’t just say shit to make yourself look cooler
  • Walk them through a process if you think they’re making a wrong decision
  • Replace ‘You NEED to’ to ‘You SHOULD do’
  • Respect the experience your prospect has, and
  • Just don’t be a jerk in general

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