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How to write High Converting Cold Emails (2 day webinar)

Date: 6th Feb - 7th Feb (3pm - 5pm)

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What will we learn?

First of all Hi! I hope you’re doing good and taking care of your health.

Quick question – What are you doing to ensure that people outside of your LinkedIn network see your work?

Send them a cold email that is a Red X in a sea of white circles. An email that is fun, valuable and stands out.

I’ll help you write cold email sequences to reach out to these untapped clients even if you’re not a copywriter.

Result – An opportunity to work with brands you love, Potential revenue and making your evil friends hella jealous. Sounds interesting?

Full disclosure – The Avg. cold email reply rate is 1% so I won’t talk crap on how I’ll take yours to 100% in 2 days. That ain’t me. But we can at least aim to be better than where we are today. 

It’ll be Live. So we can discuss the doubts in real time 🙂

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Who is this webinar for?

It’s for people who:

  1. Are looking to reach out to clients, but don’t know where to start, and
  2. People who are sending cold emails but are open to improving it.

Freelancers, marketers and salespeople. Anybody that fits the above 2 categories. Congrats! You’re family 🙂

Everybody says ‘Talk about them’ but we don’t know how to turn that into words. We’ll look at emails that got a response and the ones that didn’t. 

Break it down word by word and use that to write an email that’ll make your prospect’s life easier without sounding needy. Bad idea? 

If Yes, then click on the button below to join. If No! Totally fine… We’ll stay connected on LinkedIn. Take care boi and stay safe

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