Empirical Consultancy

Hi ! I’m the guy you see everywhere on the website. Not self-obsessed but i made it so why not 🙂 Name’s Shuja Hasan. That sounded Badass. 

My goal is to bring more color to sales. Make it fun again. Because to be honest you tried being ‘Formal’ and where has that led you. 15% Conversions. Are you happy with that ?

It’s not just about Sales. When your numbers are low you start getting depressed and you bring all that negativity to your house. To your family. So it’s not just you. Your entire family has to deal with it.

I just try to stop that  from happening.

You Don't Own Me
Cuz Why Not

Our Team

Full Disclosure. It's just me. I don't have a team. So i'll post some random picture from Google because it makes me look cooler.

"It's short but amazing, it really gets to you...the level of fear i experienced reading this knowing it's a true story is insane. I don't get scared easily, maybe it was because i read it at midnight, maybe it's the fact that anybody we know could be sick because they look just like us. whatever it is i highly recommend this".

A review on my book "The Red Room Project". Rated 5 stars on Amazon.
Fox Love