3 Pitch Sale

What is the 3 Pitch Sale Method ?

We’ve heard this before probably a million times that our pitch must have these 3 important details – Features, Benefits & Advantages.

But how to say or position it in real life when you’re standing face to face with a prospect or sending in that email is a whole another deal.

So, I’ll try to give you a framework today which I want you all to try and test for your Individual businesses and see how it works.

Here goes nothing.

Features – My Product has _____________.

Benefits – Which will allow you to do _________.

Advantage – And that means __________.

Let’s Roleplay this

Let me make it even simpler for you. This is how I use this tactic when I sometimes pitch.

Note – Nothing I say here is Absolute. I want each & every one of you to be creative. Use your own style. This is just to give you a rough framework of the 3 pitch sale method.

Let’s begin...

Features – My Sales training has – Understanding prospects, Sales Creativity, Handling Objections, Better follow ups.

Benefits – Which will allow you to – Increase your Inbound + Outbound Conversion.

Advantage – And that means – You & Your team will become more adept in Sales & Negotiations, which will not only help you Expand your Market share but also Reduce Costs in terms of Less Wasted Opportunities.

You see how I summed up my majority of the pitch with 3 point Sale method.

My product has _____.Which will allow you to do ______.And that means _______.

You can add your USP after this if you want. But this does the job pretty well.

Using Mystery to Create Demand.

“How could it be that we’ve been in business for just 3 Months and our sales have skyrocketed”.

“How could it be that we’re acquiring 2 clients every week without spending a single penny on our marketing”.

Starting your pitch with a “Mystery”. A “Question”. Making your prospect curious.

I’ve given you 2 strategies. Adapt, Improvise, Overcome 😊 Apply this into you Sales & Business process and I’ll see you….. in the next blog. Peace out.

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