Ask smart questions. That’s it. That’s the whole blog. Do you want me write an entire page like other blogs explaining the same. Breaking it down in 7 different points because psychology says anything ending with a 7 puts us at an unease and we want to learn more about it.

So the next time you see a sales course price drop from $1 million to $497. No you didn’t win a lottery. Your ex wife ain’t gonna come back. It’s probably because of this she left your ass in the first place. The only good thing that ever came out of 7 was 7/11 and maybe Ronaldo.

What are Smart questions?

If you’ve been selling for a while you’d know how important a sales script is. A script is basically writing down 5-6 questions you wanna ask your prospect when you’re on a call with them.

Problem with this is sometimes you may ask them a question and they’re gonna answer your next 3 questions all in that same answer. This disrupts your flow, you feel me dawg? You cannot ask question 2, 5 or 3 now because they’ve already answered that.

So you’re just scrolling through which one to ask next. You can get away with this on an email but on a call there’s gonna be an awkward silence. You dare repeat the same question again be ready to hear something like ‘Were you even listening to me? I just answered that’.

So smart questions are when you pay attention to the info your prospect just gave you, and you ask questions based on that and not reading from your script.

Prospect: I'm looking to scale up my business.
You: Okay. And what's stopping you from scaling up your businss right now?

(Compared to 'Okay. Tell me a bit more about that?' which would have been a very generic question with no direction whatsoever)

Always ask, Never assume!

You: (Asking questions)
Prospect: Shouldn't you already know that. I mean you're the expert, right?

You: Mr. Prospect,I'm glad that you think of me as an expert. But experts don't make assumptions. Now i can probably be right but would you be willing to gamble on that? 

The person that asks more question isn’t stupid. It’s the person that asks no questions at all. If i want to make this a homerun for my client, i want to be a 100% sure what their expectations are from this project ?, What their goals are ? And what are some of the things they value the most about this project ?

But if I never ask I’ll never know.

Always ask, never assume. Maybe your product has 6 features but your prospect is only interested in 1. So there’s no point in pitching the other 5. The only way to know this is by asking ‘What will make this training a homerun for you Mr. prospect ?’

That’s all i wanted to talk about today fam. Nothing more to add i guess, At least not for this topic. I’ll see ya’ll soon, until then grab your balls or your tits, bitch slap everybody with those wings of death…. Go out there and make yourself proud.

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