An average sales author


New Delhi East, India

You are 'Closer' than you think

A Sales Helper by day and A Brand rapper by day too cuz I sleep at night

Why I Quit Hacking
Understanding Sales Like Your Spouse
So Long and Goodnight

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Dancing in the dark

The Big Why

Where were you, I was waiting for you all day
Maybe you were busy! You had a rough workday

It's okay. We've probably never met
Inna world of tiktoks I'm like a broken cassette

Pretty average dude who likes sales and rap
Sorry there's no sad story, don't look for that

I teach sales outreach but I'm not a sales trainer
Try to help people with my limited knowledge Almost seemed like a no brainer

So that's what I did, In the process started writing rhymes
Would I do it again? A hundred, a thousand, a million times

So now you know all about me
Used to chase passion but this time around passion found me

I teach sales outreach and I write brand raps
Do you think it's worth a talk? If so then just hit this blue ass button below, but not with the glock

Bringing the color back to Sales
Taking Control

Before You Start In Sales

Low Sales ?
How Branding Works ?

How The Market Works ?

Why Choose Me?

I really don't have an answer to that. But if you liked this weird website so far and wants to learn more about the guy that made it then let's talk

How Social Media Marketing Works ?

Cold Email

Less Automation and more Human. Using your personality to be a Red X in a sea of White Circles​

Blocking Objections

Blocking Objections instead of Overcoming them. How to be Proactive instead of being Reactive.

Cold Calls

How to open up And How to position your ask without sounding salesy?

Brand Raps

Inbound Leads

What questions to ask your inbound leads and move the sale forward?

Free Consultation

A free 15 mins consultation call with me to explore the problem further

A fully personalized brand rap for your Brand

Something that speaks to the millennial generation, talks about your core values and makes your brand stand out amongst 100 others with a Great copy

What Our Clients Say?

I don't have a lot yet so i made it up.

My boy Shuja is a real G. Like Eazy mothafuckin' E brought back to life. Ya'll spit saliva and he spit lava.

Rememeber that time when he single handedly stopped an entire alien invasion. Shieet ! Not gonna lie. That made me wet. Just being honest. No Homo.
Papa John
My man S never gets a break. I'm like Yo coach just take a day off and He's like Nah bro ! Gotta smoke dem bitches first. My man's dedicated to his craft just like crackhead Bill is to heroine.

I don't know if i'm your dad (You ain't getting no money from me tho). But what i do know fosho is that working with Shuja really gave my Sales the boost it needed. I'm sure homie can do the same for you. Yeet !
John Andrews
A few years back my sales were struggling. You know what i man haha. But then i met this crazy muthafucka that went 180 on a freeway.
Going with this G was the best thing that ever happened to me after coke. My Sales went up. I got my hoes back. And now i'm Ballin'. Thanks my guy. I owe you one.
Rich Homie Quan

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